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My Story

I've been working with solo business women for over six years. My career began at advertising and marketing agencies after I completed a degree in Human Biology. I got to know the inner workings of agency life and as a project manager, coordinated the elements of multiple projects (at any one time!) with creatives, writers, directors, editors and more.

I decided to set out on my own in 2017 and took my experience and love of wellbeing to freelance copywriting, driving forward the ambitions of my clients with authentic and engaging content. 

That eventually expanded into offering social media and email marketing content creation as I gained experience in the landscape of small businesses.

The Vision

By taking a chunk of your marketing off your plate, this frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business that feel neglected or that your skill set is better suited to.



You have enough to worry about without feeling stressed about when your next post is going out. Staying consistent with your content shows your audience you are dedicated and present.



Stay front of mind for your customers so that they know you are there when they need you.



Although business is a balance between chaos and calm, I like to bring in that element of calm.



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